Reviews of Shorter Works

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REVIEWS SHORT FICTION: “How She Rathered” (published in Nanofiction) Review by New Pages May 2012 “Miah Arnold presents us with a bone rattling story about a woman who starts collecting teeth in “How She Rathered.” She steals these teeth from under countless pillows, filling a sack in less than one hour. Finally, “At home, when she emptied its contents into her tub, they nearly filled it. Without the salivic gleam of their usual context the teeth looked like kernels of bathtub.” She fills the bathtub and lays down in the teeth, submerging herself in them. Finally, she swishes...

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"Sweet Land of Bigamy is as weird as America, as absurd as our times, and as beautiful as our contradictions."

Mat Johnson, author of Pym

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