Cherie Newman, at Montana Public Radio’s the Write Question, interviewed me in August. It aired yesterday. I was in the middle of my road trip when we spoke, and so I had forgotten much of what I said, remembering primarily how thorough and thoughtful she was as an interviewer. Here’s the proof!

Here is the link!

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  1. I am intrigued by “Sweet Land of Bigamy” and, since I live in Houston, wonder if there might be an opportunity for me to meet you. I belong to two book clubs and will be recommending your book to both. True, the characters and plot of “Sweet Land” are pretty bizarre, but there are an amazing number of aspects that I relate to. I’m a retired newspaper journalist, once spent a year in India, have a daughter living there now and have (distant) Bangladeshi relatives, am a fourth-generation Mormon, live in the Heights, am married to one man — a Palestinian Moslem (who has an amputated foot). Sincerely, Thora Qaddumi

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