Please fill in the questions below. Just ask your child and write down what they say, no matter how crazy — or how normal! I’ll make this all into a book.

If you could also have your child draw a picture of something this questionaire reminds them of that would be great. You can send me the scanned or nicely cropped photo of the picture via email or you can send it to school.

In the email I sent with the link to this page, I put in Vishwa’s answers, if you want an example. It’s modeled off the Kids Say the Darndest things sort of thing.

Welcome to your Cress


1) What is your name?

2) How old do you think Mrs. Cress is turning for her birthday?

3) What does Mrs. Cress do after school?

4) What does she do to have fun?

5) Where does Mrs. Cress live?

6) What is something that Mrs. Cress always says? Or says every day?

7) If she was a superhero, what do you think her secret super power would be? (How would she use it?)

8) What is the most important thing Mrs. Cress has taught you?

9) What kind of job would she have if she was not a teacher?

10) How does Mrs. Cress make you happy?

11) Why do you think she loves to teach you so much?

12) What makes Mrs. Cress happy?

13) What makes Mrs. Cress sad?

14) What is Mrs. Cress really good at? Can you tell me a fun x thing we did with Mrs. Cress?

15) What kind of cake would you make her for her birthday if you could?

16) What gift would you give her if you get her anything in the whole world (and why)?

17) If you were the teacher, what would you teach the kids?

18) Make up your own question and answer here if you like:

19) Make up another question and answer here if you want:

20) Tell Mrs. Cress a joke here!

21) Mrs. Cress is more like:

22) Mrs. Cress's heart is made out of:

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